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Defending Traditional Marriage

Aug 22, 2014

Marriage is a Holy union of one man and one woman created and ordained by God. There is no other definition. As a Christian, I am guided by God’s Word. As a pro-life, pro-family activist, I have worked hard to defend marriage and families because history and research prove that the family unit is the only institute that is the backbone of all societies. Strong … read more

Conservatives Unite Behind Molly

Feb 11, 2014

DATE:  February 11th, 2014 CONTACT:  Luke Macias 210-259-5053 CONSERVATIVES UNITE BEHIND MOLLY WHITE Today Molly White, candidate for Texas House 55, highlighted several recent endorsements that reinforce her conservative conviction and contrast her commitment to that of her opponent. Texas Right to Life endorsed her as the strongest pro-life candidate in the race, Young Conservatives of Texas has given their strong support and President … read more

18 Liberal Ralph Votes

Feb 11, 2014

Thanks to Young Conservatives of Texas for putting this together. 1. HB 1600 Floor Amendment 8 Adoption; March 20, 2013; RV #77: Journal Page 883: 60 Yeas, 86 Nays, 1 Present-not-voting Vote cast: Nay YCT Yea. Amendment 8 to HB 1600 would have removed a provision in the bill that gave the Public Utilities Commission unilateral powers to issue an emergency cease and desist order … read more

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