Hemp flour – properties and application

food Is there exactly hemp flour, how it is made, what is it made of, what is its nutritional value, its use and use in the kitchen. You can read about it all here.

Why is it worth using hemp flour in the kitchen?

Currently, most of us care about our diet. He chooses and eats more vegetables, limits or excludes sweets, and gives up flour products. We do it for various reasons – pressure from the environment, worse mood, willingness to support a loved one. Sometimes we strongly link to the current trend, e.g. gluten demonization. Then we disconnect from products based on it, i.e. most baked goods in traditional bakeries. However, if we do not have celiac disease, excluding it may not be the best idea. If you only eat carrots (not organic, but soaked with pesticides), you would develop an allergic reaction after some time.

This does not mean that the carrot as a vegetable is bad in itself. Likewise, in the case of gluten, your body signals you to think about what you eat and how much. It also demands values ​​necessary for proper functioning. One of the best solutions is adding hemp flour to our meals.

What is hemp flour Hemp flour is

made by pressing the oil from the seeds. The resulting pomace is cleaned of oil residues, dried, and then ground. Depending on the technology used, the graininess of the flour may be more or less perceptible. This flour is completely gluten-free and, rarely, grain-free. The taste is slightly nutty and some people notice a slight bitterness.

It can also be eaten raw (by people on a RAW diet). It has a dark color, falling into gray. Hemp flour comes from hemp seeds, i.e. hemp, which has been cultivated in Poland for hundreds of years. It is hemp that has no psychoactive effects, it does not contain THC, unlike cannabis.

Hemp is legal in Poland, unlike cannabis. However, it cannot be grown without a permit. In addition to hemp flour, you can findus hemp flower tea with, and even hemp roots.

Hemp flour – nutritional values

As with hemp oil (which we wrote more about here), flour has a whole complex of healthy acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. One of its greatest advantages is the golden ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. Hemp flour is characterized by a high content of zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium – much greater than that of meat or milk. It also has the highest concentration of globulins (65%) which play a significant role in repairing damaged DNA.

Absorption and digestion – flour also has amino acids that support the proper absorption of ingredients that are in the digestive system. It significantly speeds up the metabolism, because it has not only soluble but also insoluble fiber. Hemp flour is easy to digest – which can be helpful for people with gastric problems. It is also recommended for people with diabetes as it helps to stabilize blood insulin levels.

Best digestible protein – Another important point is the high protein content in hemp – between 20-35%. It is worth adding that the more important element is what percentage of this protein will be absorbed by our body (e.g. soy, which also has a high content, is not so well absorbed unless it has been fermented earlier). Polish scientists from the University of Krakow have tested that in the case of hemp flour, up to 90% of the protein is absorbed into the body! It is much more absorbable than, for example, steak proteins!

Hemp flour – application and use in the kitchen Hemp

flour is worth adding to your diet in any form due to its high nutritional value. It’s a good idea to replace some of the flour in your recipe with hemp flour. This will make our meal gluten-free, a very healthy ingredient, rich in fiber and other nutrients, and which will only slightly change the taste of a dish or baking. Hemp flour should make up 15-20% of all flour used in the recipe. Remember not to exceed 20%, otherwise the recipe may not come out.

The exception is our flagship hemp cookie recipe, where we use up to 50% of it! Remember, however, that hemp flour can also be eaten raw. As an addition to salads, smoothies or as a topping for yoghurt. Hemp flour is especially recommended for people who often play sports, for people who want to improve their health and have a balanced diet.

It is also used outside the kitchen: it fights dandruff, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, soothes premenstrual tension, strengthens immunity, adds energy, soothes arthritis and speeds up metabolism.


Hemp flour has not only a whole range of favorable ingredients, but also helps to assimilate them in the greatest possible concentration. It is the perfect solution to add the whole complex of values ​​that are missing in our current diet and enjoy better health. It is the safest and most natural way to increase the body’s efficiency and increase the amount of vitamins necessary for the body.


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