Hemp matcha – a new trend

In this post you will learn what hemp matcha is, why it is more digestible than hemp leaves and how to give it

Hemp matcha

Most of us have come across the term “matcha”, i.e. powdered tea. It is traditionally made from green tea, the leaves of which have been darkened a few weeks before being harvested (giving it a distinct green color). Currently on the market we can come across a white version, oolong or pu-erh. The Hemp House comes with hemp matcha.

Health benefits

The phenomenon of matcha is based on the fact that we do not drink tea leaves, but actually consume the entire plant. We know how good it is to consume an infusion of hemp leaves (tea from the leaves) – now we should realize how good it is for our body to eat the leaves whole, absorbing all their ingredients. All macro and microelements have a chance to be fully delivered to our body, thanks to which we can fully enjoy all its health benefits. Hemp matcha will improve our mood in the morning without the burden of caffeine, and in the evening it will help us fall asleep faster.

Cannabis can be determined to have nootropic abilities. Any chemical that improves mental function can be such an ingredient. Hemp meet all the criteria for classification as nootropic:

– improves learning and memory

– makes it harder for us to disperse,

– protects the brain against physical and chemical damage, – improves the efficiency of the mechanisms in the brain

– has no significant side effects

process preparations

When preparing matcha, we must be very careful about the appropriate preparation temperature. If the water is too hot, the healthful ingredients of the hemp plant will break down and give the tea a bitter aftertaste. The optimal temperature is 80-90 degrees Celsius.

To prepare one serving, we need 200 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of hemp matcha. Matcha should be thoroughly mixed with water, preferably using a special matcha whisk, a small whisk or even a fork (to get rid of lumps completely).

Other ways of serving

Hemp Matcha can be drunk not only with water, but also with milk. It is enough to prepare matcha with half the amount of water (i.e. 100 ml) and add heated milk to it. If we want, we can add a little honey or agave syrup.

Hemp matcha can also be added to our breakfasts:

– smoothies – at the end, just add a teaspoon (for 200 ml) and stir,

– porridge – after removing it from the fire, add a teaspoon and stir so that it combines with the rest of the ingredients

– yogurt – mix 1- 2 teaspoons, and then add any additives as you wish (muesli, fruit,

nuts), this color will put you in a wonderful mood in the morning 😉