How is CBD oil made?

How to check if CBD oil is of high quality, CBD production methods – alcoholic, and using CO2

The abbreviation of CBD comes from cannabidiol – a substance that, when used regularly, brings a wide range of health benefits. CBD oil can be an effective support in the treatment of chronic pain, reduces the feeling of anxiety, supports the treatment of depression, reduces nausea, and is an excellent agent that protects the neurological system against possible damage (including autoimmune damage). The production of CBD oil is a very detailed process. Oil can be obtained in several ways. How are they different? Which one is the best?

How to check if CBD oil is of high quality?

How do I recognize a good quality oil? By color, consistency and content of valuable pro-health ingredients. Unfortunately, usually only a specialist with many years of experience in the industry can quickly check whether the CBD oil offered by the seller is a wholesome product. However, there are several proven indications that the oil is of good quality. The answer starts at the very beginning, which is the type of hemp cultivation. For CBD oil to be perfect, the hemp plant it is sourced from must also be of high quality.

The whole process starts with planting healthy, genetically stable cannabis plants from a good variety. An important component of the later quality of hemp is also a specific type of soil dedicated to plant cultivation. According to specialists, the best land for cultivation is one that has a certain degree of acidity (from 6 to about 7.5 pH). The soil should also be well aerated and prepared for planting. Hemp plants like sun and water – the best ones come from crops where the sun shines most of the day and the plants receive plenty of water. Plants to be fed CBD oil are usually harvested during and during early fall. Why? Well, at this stage of growth, the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant reach their maximum concentration.

Already at this point it can be concluded that it is better to buy CBD oil from Polish producers who will have no difficulties in dispelling potential customers’ doubts about the origin of the plant. Choosing a Polish producer also guarantees compliance with certain regulations applicable to the cultivation of hemp.

The Best Methods of Extracting CBD Oil – A Handful of Extraction Knowledge

Right after the harvest, growers move on to the CBD extraction stage. In Poland, several extraction methods are used to obtain CBD oil from hemp. However, it is worth focusing on the three most popular.

Alcohol Method – Widely Recognized as the Best There

are many opinions about which method of extracting CBD oil is the best. Some people believe that CO2 extraction is the best method of obtaining CBD, but it is worth mentioning that the use of CBD extraction with e.g. ethanol (alcohol method) results in an almost perfect CBD oil, which has excellent proportions of terpenes (C5H8) n, with a trace amount of THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD oil is distilled at different temperatures and pressures and times. What’s important – the distillate prepared in this way does not have a negative alcohol aftertaste and retains all the substances that contribute to the high effectiveness of the prepared oil.

It is worth paying attention to essential oils, i.e. terpenes, as well as amino acids and flavonoids, which retain their maximum concentration during distillation, and unfortunately, in the case of CO2 extraction, they slightly „escape”. Due to the advantages of the oil obtained in this way, the best producers of CBD oil, who want to provide customers with the highest quality CBD oil, use the alcohol method in the production process. During ethanol extraction, fresh hemp plants are soaked in alcohol (ethanol, moonshine, and the like). Thanks to this, you can extract the desired, pro-health CBD from plants, as well as other cannabinoids, such as CBG, THCV, CBC and CBN, each of which has a different, targeted effect on the well-being of the body.

Then the liquid is very carefully filtered and subjected to further processes. It’s a simple, traditional process that results in top-quality CBD oil that contains really trace amounts of THC. Due to the entire process, the alcohol method is reserved exclusively for professionals.

Carbon dioxide extraction – CO2 CO2

extraction is a chemical method, but at the same time it is still safe, ecological and natural. Thanks to CO2 extraction, the CBD oil producer has the opportunity to avoid the use of aggressive solvents and other chemicals. Thanks to the extraction of CBD oil using the CO2 extraction method, the final product obtains a very high level of purity, so it does not need to undergo additional purification. Unfortunately, there are also quite significant drawbacks to this type of production. During extraction, instead of a wide range of valuable substances, only one cannabinoid is isolated. Due to these limitations – people wishing to use all the substances contained in hemp – are likely to choose CBD oil obtained through the alcohol method. In the course of this process, the so-called the fourth state of aggregation, i.e. the supercritical state in which, due to changes in pressure and temperature, the physical properties of the substance or plant to be extracted finally change. In this way, plant extracts that are not devoid of nutritional value are created. All the valuable compounds found in hemp, including the extremely important CBD, are separated and accumulated in a small amount of liquid. CBD oil obtained by the extraction method can be considered pure and high-quality.

method of producing CBD oil

HomemadePeople who have access to hemp and do not trust the products they buy can take the challenge and try to prepare CBD oil by themselves. What many people don’t realize is that it’s possible to make your own homemade CBD oil with a pot and a little olive oil, coconut oil, or some other oil. However, it is worth bearing in mind that when you try to obtain CBD oil yourself, you cannot be sure about its concentration and final quality. To obtain your own CBD oil at home, you need to properly prepare the plant material in advance. Plants (inflorescence) must be finely ground and well dried in the oven (about 60 minutes at about 100 degrees). This is where the decarboxylation phenomenon occurs. After the dried fruit has cooled down, you can proceed with further activities, i.e. extraction. In the next stages, the oil is mixed with dried over a pot of boiling water. The temperature should be adjusted so that the water bath is not too hot – the oil cannot burn. Such a decoction should be kept above the water bath for a minimum of 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. When the oil is a deep brown-green color and the minimum time has passed, it will be a sign that the homemade CBD oil is ready. Finally, filter the oil through gauze and place it in the target glass vessel.

To sum up – to obtain the best CBD oil, plants of a good species are necessary, grown in soil with specific parameters. Then it is worth paying attention to which method the oil was obtained. According to many people – the alcohol method is the best. CBD oil prepared in this way certainly provides maximum health benefits with zero risk of side effects.


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