How to distinguish between sativa and Indian?

What is the difference between popular(which contains psychoactive compounds) and sowing (which does not)?

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multitude of names surrounding the topic of cannabis does not really help it gain popularity. A large proportion of people do not even realize that we can distinguish many varieties of this plant, and the most popular ones are completely different from each other. It is worth finding out what makes these plants different, because their health properties can be extremely important to us.

Starting from the beginning – we have the Cannabis family (commonly known as cannabis or hemp). It consists of several species, the most famous are Sativia (Seed) and Indica (Indian or otherwise marijuana). We can easily remember because their first letters are the same. These main species are divided into smaller varieties that have different content of individual components (mainly CBD and THC).

We can compare this to lemon (which in our case will be hemp) and orange (which will be cannabis). They are from the citrus family (in our case, the cannabis family), but they also have their own varieties such as camo oranges or the „Buddha’s hand” lemon. The same in the case of cannabis, depending on its variety, it can range from low to high THC.


Universally the most popular is „marijuana” or Cannabis Indica. It is illegal in most countries because it is psychoactive. This is due to the high content of the cannabinoid THC. Depending on the variety, the content varies between 10% and 27%. Correlations were found that the higher the THC concentration, the lower the CBD concentration. Learn more about what cannabinoids are.

Visually, the cannabis plant is also characterized by short stature (up to 150 cm) and slightly wider leaves compared to true hemp. Its cultivation requires very favorable weather conditions, including high intensity of sunlight and little rainfall.


Currently,become increasingly popular hemp. It is a legal cannabis variety that is used in many ways. Among other things, textiles, construction, food and even cosmetics. It has a high CBD content and a very low THC content (less than 0.1%).

Due to this, it does not cause any psychoactive changes in the person who takes it. It also differs visually – the leaves are narrower than cannabis, and the plant can reach up to 5 meters! Its cultivation is not demanding and is completely possible in Poland, even with such a low insolation 😉


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