How to make hemp tea?


Hemp tea, along with the popularization of hemp products and awareness of their pro-health effects, is becoming more and more popular. Drinking hemp infusion / tea has a history of thousands of years, and the tradition of drinking hemp tea comes from Asia.

The beneficial effects of hempHemp

teatea is brewed from dried flowers, leaves and leaves of the hemp seed. It has an attractive, greenish or brownish color, original flavor and a high content of health-promoting cannabinoids. Highlevels CBDare the result of a specific harvest time. When plants are fully harvested, they guarantee the highest content of healthy CBD. Drinking cannabis tea regularly improves the functioning of the heart, brain and nervous system.

Hemp is an incredibly versatile and healing herb – the entire plant can be eaten, cooked, brewed or extracted – from the roots to flowers, leaves and seeds. Hemp teahemp made from the finestflowers is rich in antioxidants and cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic and has no side effects. Since CBD does not dissolve in water, it is recommended to drink hemp tea with a little fat. It can be coconut oil – for vegans, or a bit of real butter. The key to success and to know the true spectrum of hemp tea is to drink it systematically.

Our 60-second video on how to brew tea:

Preparing hemp tea

Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult to properly brew a serving of hemp tea and is similar to the process of brewing regular tea. In order for the infusion to be valuable and tasty, you need to follow a few steps, the implementation of which will result in an aromatic, health-promoting cup of hemp tea.

  1. One teaspoon of dry hemp leaves (best to buy a ready-made mixture) should be poured into a cup or other vessel and poured with hot, but not boiling water
  2. The optimal temperature for pouring drought is about 80 degrees
  3. Flooded leaves should be brewed for about 2 to 5 minutes, covered
  4. The finished infusion can be strained through a fine sieve, thanks to which you will get a clear drink with a transparent color
  5. You can add a little fat (vegetable or animal – butter or coconut oil) to the

infusion 6. After gentle stirring, the infusion it is ready to eat

  1. You can add a little lemon juice or plant milk to hemp tea.

Many people appreciate hemp tea for its pleasant, herbal flavor and aroma. The longer the tea is brewed, the more bitterness it emits into the essence. However, the intensity of the flavor can be freely modified depending on your own taste preferences. The longer you drink hemp tea, the easier it is to see subtle differences in the flavor of each blend (e.g. young leaf tea, hemp flower tea).

The effects of hemp

tea Hemp tea has been proven to have positive effects in people who struggle with insomnia. Drinking it regularly improves the quality of sleep and increases the body’s regeneration at night. It is all thanks to the beneficial CBD, which has a gentle calming effect, helps you sleep and improves the duration of your sleep. In addition, properly brewed hemp tea, thanks to the high content of plant protein, slows down digestion and regulates blood sugar spikes. As a result, energy is evenly distributed throughout the day, which increases the body’s efficiency and improves well-being. Drinking cannabis tea can help fight the troublesome symptoms of migraine, relieve painful muscle spasms, and heal nervous system diseases.

To get the maximum effect of hemp tea, drink one cup of about 200 ml regularly. It is not recommended to exceed such doses because of the possibility of increased somnolence. The first symptoms may appear after a week of regular drinking.

Hemp tea is not addictive, improves well-being, helps fight insomnia and helps regulate energy expenditure throughout the day. The infusion also allows you to calm down and relax. The wealth of valuable ingredients and a large dose of beneficial CBD support the treatment of various ailments and support many neurological diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s). Hemp tea is also recommended for people who live in high tension and are exposed to long-term stress. The same health that comes straight from nature.


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