How to store hemp oil so that it does not lose its properties?

For hemp oil to maintain the maximum of its beneficial substances – it must be stored under certain conditions. Let’s see why!

Hemp oil is the essence of what is most important and valuable in hemp plants. Hemp oil is widely used in the kitchen to prepare meals, cocktails and as an addition to salads. People who value natural care also use it as a cosmetic for hair and skin.

oil nutritional values

HempHemp seed oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds (not ratified). Thanks to this production method, it retains the most beneficial nutrients. Its main power is the incredibly high content of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which support the proper functioning of the heart and brain and are responsible for many processes in the human body.

The presence of omega acids in the diet is a very important point in the healthy diet of each of us – from young children in the period of intensive development to the elderly. The abundant content of healthy fats effectively protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and the so-called oxidative stress, and also helps fight various inflammations. Hemp oil is a real delicacy from the group of „superfood” products, i.e. those that have a holistic effect on the health of the whole body and well-being.

How to store hemp oil?

In addition to the taste – i.e. the specific, nutty aftertaste – the main advantage of using hemp oil in the kitchen (and not only) is the presence of very healthy fatty acids. Unfortunately, from a chemical point of view, the structure of their connections is unstable and is easily oxidized. Hemp oil, if stored improperly, may lose a large part of its health-promoting properties, although its external appearance will not indicate it. It is true that the saturated fats contained in hemp oil are more durable than those contained, for example, in real olive oil, and so are exposed to the lipid oxidation process, which affects the formation of, for example, harmful free radicals.

The main enemy of the health benefits of hemp oil is light and temperature. Fatty acids oxidize in a chain reaction consisting of initiation, propagation and termination. Initiation begins with high temperature, intense light and contact with metal. In later stages, harmful radicals are formed from lipids, so by improper storage of the oil, instead of a beneficial dose of healthy fats, the opposite effect is obtained.

Proper oil storage – protection against oxidationcontaining

All oilspolyunsaturated fatty acids (hemp oil, linseed oil) must be stored at low temperature and should not be exposed to intense light for a long time. Real hemp oil is usually delivered in a dark glass bottle – this is an additional protection against the harmful effects of light. The best place to store hemp oil is in the refrigerator. It is worth remembering that at lower temperatures, hemp oil may become cloudy, but it does not affect the health properties of the oil in any way. Also, make sure the oil bottle is tightly closed. Hemp oil can also defend itself against oxidation because it has a fairly high content of natural vitamin E with antioxidant properties. Interestingly, it has the highest concentration of polyphenols and phytosterols compared to other healthy oils (e.g. linseed), which means that in addition to their beneficial effects on health, they contribute equally to maintaining the remaining values ​​of hemp oil.

Why can’t hemp oil be heated?

Hemp oil should not be heated. When exposed to high temperature, the oil releases harmful compounds – acrylamide and acrolein, which are produced as a result of the trans-isomerization process, i.e. during frying. The best solution that does not harm, on the contrary – has a great effect on health, is the use of cold oil – sprinkling it with salads, adding it to cocktails and sprinkling ready-made dishes after their preparation.

Hemp oil has a fairly long shelf life. This period, however, is dictated only by the proper storage of the product. The average shelf life of hemp oil, under ideal storage conditions, is about 2 months from the date of opening. In a closed form, it can be up to six months (counting from the date of its production).


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