Why should CBD be taken with CBD?

Why is it worth combining both substances? What exactly is CBDa?


In addition to CBD, the hemp plant contains many beneficial cannabinoids, each of which has a slightly different, targeted health effect. The deliberate combination of CBD cannabinoid with CBDa is considered one of the better and more effective. Many specialists recommend them during natural supplementation.

What is CBDa?

CBDa is a substance contained in theplant hemp, otherwise known as cannabidiolic acid. Like the well-known and perhaps the most popularized CBD (cannabidiol), CBDa is also a type of cannabinoid. When examining the composition of the fresh cannabis plant, you will find that there is very little CBD and extremely much CBD. This is because CBDa is the acidic precursor to the later CBD, which is only formed when the hemp is heated and dried. The process that turns CBD into CBD using a higher temperature is called CBD. decarboxylation. People familiar with the principles of chemistry know that this is a reaction that removes the carboxyl group from a chemical compound, CBD begins to convert to CBD at relatively low temperatures.

The producers of CBDa oil harvest the stems, leaves and flowers and transform them into oil under plant-specific, lower heat conditions. Until not so long ago, it was believed that the hemp plant, without proper preparation using higher temperatures, did not bring much health value. Fortunately, as science progresses and studies on the beneficial effects of the substances contained in cannabis – scientists have found that CBDa is a very interesting cannabinoid that brings a number of benefits to the human body

. CBD and CBDa

effects. similar features. The first, essential thing is that both compounds do not react with the endocannabinoid system (a complex network of cell receptors and chemicals) in humans, and thus do not cause any psychosomatic effects.

The action of CBDa and CBD is based on acting on the human serotonymous receptors in the brain. Serotonin is responsible, among others, for the feeling of anxiety, nausea and is involved in the broadly understood regulation of mood. CBD and CBDa are also believed to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to these features, regular supplementation of CBD and CBD can be beneficial for people who struggle with phobia or social anxiety on a daily basis, as well as for people who are extremely stressed, for example, in public speaking. Additionally, both compounds can be beneficial in the fight against depression, anxiety and prolonged blues / depression.

It is all thanks to the influence of cannabinoids on the production of serotonin. It is also worth mentioning that people who often complain of nausea, e.g. related to taking pharmacological agents, may also consider supplementing with CBD and CBD.

CBD or CBDa? Which to supplement?

Both CBDA and CBD can be very beneficial to health – what’s more, they carry many similar health benefits. Research suggests that CBD on its own may be more helpful than CBD in treating depression and nausea. CBD is used more often for anxiety, epilepsy, and pain. Both, however, can help greatly in the treatment of cancer, inflammation and many other chronic diseases. The best and most recommended method of supplementation is to use CBD and CBD simultaneously. These two cannabinoids work together incredibly well to complement and enhance each other’s effects. This combination is able to improve overall health faster.

Like CBD, CBD can be supplemented in a variety of forms. CBD can be added to juices, smoothies, and salad dressings. It is only worth remembering that it should be eaten cold – it cannot be heat treated or added to a hot dish. However, for typical, regular supplementation, oils are recommended, as they make it easier to control the daily dose consumed.

CBDa oil is the easiest way to get the benefits of cannabidiolic acid. It works just like CBD oil. It is enough to measure out a certain number of drops and hold them under the tongue. Since CBD and CBDa complement each other perfectly, it is not necessary to use both oils in high doses. Thanks to this – you not only save money, but also feel twice as effective.

Why is it worth combining CBD and CBD?

CBD and CBDa are natural substances with targeted healing effects that can be used for a variety of ailments, and many people use CBD and CBDa as a dietary supplement for good reason. These substances have a healing effect and can be used in various cases.

The action of CBD and CBDa are excellent for naturally supporting the immune system. Thanks to them, the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the diet is also improved. CBD and CBDa are also recommended for the elderly. Mature women, in the period of menopause, can use such supplementation and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of hormonal changes taking place in their body. When used regularly, CBD and CBDa can help soothe hot flashes, irritability and mood swings. CBDa enhances and concentrates the effects of CBD. Taking both cannabinoids together – more accurately and effectively influences the therapeutic effect.

More and more pharmaceutical companies are interested in the CBD cannabinoid – as you can see, for good reason! Due to the perfect complementation and enhancing the effects of natural supplementation – all those interested in quick improvement of their health and well-being are recommended to use CBD and CBD together – even for preventive purposes. They are safe and 100% natural and legal supplements that can be used by anyone – regardless of age.


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